Posted by: ...jaynes ; ) | January 15, 2017

When sexism is… alive and well in Women’s Sports!

In the spring of 1974 I was in 6th grade.My favorite thing to do, my true passion was baseball/softball. I played on a recreational girls team. Our name, The Purple Perfects was sort of, an expection for me, if not a goal. I was the pitcher on our team and I was pretty good, not perfect but I practiced a lot. I tried. I was taught by my coaches and my parents that hard work, practice and paying attention was important and how you got better.

Two thirds of the way through the season we had a game. I was pitching and doing really well. I was pitching a no-hitter! I’d hit two home runs in the game, too! It was in the middle of an inning, I was pitching, and I’d just struck out the second batter. I was called off the mound by both teams coaches and the director/administrator of the league and told I was no longer going to be able to pitch. They said ” I pitched too hard, too fast, and I was too good “. This wasn’t fair to the other girls.

I was crushed! This was my dream!  I was simply replaced and moved to short stop. I cried. I was laughed at for crying. No one seemed to care that this was unfair to me except my best friends Dad, who happened to be at the game. He voiced his opinion but was ignored. The game went on like nothing important happened. Life went on like nothing had changed but in my mind and in my world everything had changed! I didn’t realize it at the time but looking back,  my drive, my self esteem, and my desire to do my best changed for a very long time.

I was watching a sports channel this morning and a question was asked of Commentator Rebekah Lobo, an outstanding basketball player in her own right and a alumni of the UCONN Huskies, “is a 91 game win streak good for women’s basketball “, by the way in my opinion OF COURSE IT IS, it brought that day came rushing back to me. Hasn’t anything changed in 40+ years?

When is competition, winning, and greatness a bad thing?

When sexism is alive and well in Women’s Sports!


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