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I am a READER …

I love to READ.

So one day while recovering from a surgery and bored i went on Amazon to find a new author and book to read. I found R.E. Bradshaw’s book The Girl Back Home, i’d been on facebook for some time reaquainting my self after thirty years with people i’d gone to high school with so i thought about my girl back home and this title intregued me . So i bought it . it came and one afternoon i started reading it . It was about a women whose relationship had not worked out as she tought it would , and she cheated {something at the time i thought i would never do} ! But the story was well written the scenery and the place and how the author descibed it were to me breathtaking . She felt about the place she grew up like i felt about the place i grew up. ; ) and i liked that, felt a connection to that . So i kept reading the book . i learned about the reasons the main charactor felt somewhat justified but very guilty about herself for cheating. I loved the character Sandy , her girl back home . And i loved how Jamie {the main character}felt about Sandy. I felt different about this book then most of the other LESFIC books i read. I had been talking with another reader who had said something about starting an online readers group and so i went online started a brand new page and went in search for other READERS . On the way i happened to look up R.E.Bradshaw mostly to find other readers that liked this book . “cause i fiured they would be people i would probably like to have in the group as well as other readers from other authors i liked to read. Some how in this process i also found R.E.Bradshaw herself . A thrill for me… We started chatting , I talked to her about what i wanted this group to be …

And that is how lesficREADER was born…

Oh Yeah and did i mention I stayed up all night to finish that book ! ; ) jaynes

thankful my stotry has a happy ending ; )




  1. I don’t get to your group page as often as I’d like to because I still work full time and write full time and need full time-time to share with my sweetheart and fur kids, but when I do get there I always enjoy the buzz. You’re doing a great service and a good job and I, for one of many, appreciate you beyond words.

    • Thank you so very much ; )
      That’s very kind of you to say !

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